Day 1 and 2

04-05 January 2017


Maybe not all of you know that I'm in GHANA now. But it has not been easy: I landed in Accra airport yesterday at 8pm with everything ready for the visa, but apparently a new law state that I needed another paper. When the officer tried to call the guy from that association that was going to host me and he didn't answer she had the great idea to calm me saying that often these are scams and that nobody would have come for me. So the only thing was to put me in detention with other three weird men. When my sponsor actually arrived I was relieved for nothing. They anyway wanted this paper, the original one. Consequently I've had to spend the night in this kind of jail sleeping on the floor. The day after my sponsor's wife arrived with the paper, but the chief officer decided to be annoying and he made him redo the invitation letter twice, last one because something wasn't written with capital letters, sending him all the time to the city to print it. After 15 hours with no food or water I was out! Now, after 5 crazy hours of an unbelievable bus ride I'm in Have, in the Volta region, for one month of volunteering teaching to "unlucky" kids. But I'll tell you about this tomorrow. Now is finally time to sleep, my suite is waiting for me.


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