Day 3

06 January 2017


Still no school because of the vacations, this morning I went with Alfred (the school director) to visit a young mother that just had two twins. She already has another son, from a different father, but none of them is around. We brought some toys and clothes that some of you gave me as a donation. They were all so happy and grateful that it made me think how it is easier to appreciate the small kindnesses and the simple things when you don't have much. After lunch, this time eating with our hands, I went with another volunteer to Kpeve market. We caught a Trotro (these minivan working as buses) and the driver had the encouraging words "alive by miracle" on his t-shirt. The market was very picturesque plenty of colors and smell, I'll go back for sure. We had a beer (625ml) and then back to the school for a football match Ghana+Italy vs Spain+Ireland, 12 - 3 the final score and dinner guarantee for us. Now sorry, I've to go because I just saw a mouse and I must tell him to leave my room.


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