Day 4

07 January 2017


My bed is so uncomfortable that the best part of my night is when time to wake up is. But today I had no choice because today I heard calling my name, I opened my eyes and Benedict was standing aside my bed. It was 6.11 am. The fact is that yesterday I had the unfortunate idea to show him my headphones promising him to make him listen some music with them. He couldn't wait. Benedict is one of the sons of Alfred, he's 8, very lively and curious and we've been friends since the very first moment. After breakfast we had to do some works. First task was to fetch water from the well and take it to the school (there's no running water here). Obviously I've had to carry the water in the African way: a very big and large bowl filled with 20 liters of water and put in my head. First time I simply caused the laughs of all the spectators spilling half of it along the way, but then it was a continuous improvement till the perfect fifth time. Second task was to build some shelves for the kitchen: few bricks and a couple of wood boards and it's done! Later after I came back from the town I found Alfred spraying insecticide against termites in the wood structures of the school. The problem was he did it also in my room: I really hope this benzene smell will fade away soon! But another inconvenience happened: I broke one flip flop! I was already wondering where the hell I could find new ones when Benedict came to save me. "Give it to me" he said. A nail was enough to make it works again. Don't immediately throw what could be fixed.


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