Day 5

08 January 2017


Today is Sunday so almost everybody here is going to the church. Ghana is a Christian country, mostly Evangelical. Margaret, Alfred's wife, asks me to go with her and the kids: obviously I accept curious to see an African celebration. My curiosity is well rewarded since in the church the show is on. Everybody is already singing and one song follows the other with different groups of believers performing. There're many different instruments being played and the view is super colorful due to the women's dresses and their foulard. The problem is when the pastor starts his speech: it's in Ewe (the local language) and it lasts more than one hour. But then at certain point it starts a dancing human train (trenino), and I've been thrown in. We dance-walked around the church, passing on the side of a bucket where we could have put our offers, before going back to our seats. After THREE hours of singing, dancing and listening without understanding I was really exhausted! The afternoon hasn’t been relaxing too since we had to clean and set the classrooms for tomorrow, when the kids will restart school. Positive note, I found a big piece of foam rubber thrown away: I'll try to put it under my "mattress" hoping to make my night more comfortable.


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