Day 6

09 January 2017


And finally here it comes, the first day of school after the vacations. But "obviously", since it's the first day, as Alfred told me, not everybody decided to come, local teachers included (let's say 30% of the kids showed up). It's hard to explain how things work here, so I'll help you understand step by step during the next chapters. Anyway today has been more like a summer camp. We first played a little then the students helped to clean one room and order the others: everybody is very excited to see a new white and tall guy, so I'm fortunately plenty of attentions and smiles that help me not to think about some bad news coming from Italy. After a while it's time to start seriously so I took my class and I lead them to the room. No need to say how happy they were to know that the tall guy was their teacher, today as the math one! I would love to tell you their names but they're mostly incomprehensible: just give me time! Another mystery is their age, from 8 to 12 together. Whatever! We start with few simple exercises just to understand their level. Soon I got why the only 12 years old one is in the same class as the ones of 8 and 9. But they're attentive and interested and the time goes on quickly. For today this introduction is enough. Let me just conclude with the suggestion of the day. When the fan in your room is on and pending at just 2m height, don't raise your arms! I got one cut on one finger and one black nail on another. At least not a big deal!


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