Day 7

10 January 2017


Sorry if I'll talk again about the school and the kids but today has been the first real day of school. There were four times the kids as yesterday and the schedule has been quite respected. Today I got a classroom of 11 kids from 7 to 8 years old. Useless to say that my effort has been way bigger than yesterday. To keep them calm and attentive was a challenge. We started with some easy maths, switching soon to English reading. Is nice to notice how the ones that already have a little of confidence call me by name while the rest call me "Sir". After the break is time for some science and we conclude with creative arts (aka drawing). But the best part came at the end. First a couple of kids (Benedict and Esther) gave me their drawings as a present, a real appreciated one. Then at the time of leaving the classroom to go home some of them gave me quite an heartwarming moment saying things like: "God bless you for teaching us", "Will you teach us even tomorrow, right?", "I like the way you teach us", and a super effective "Thank you for teaching us, Davide!". Maybe sometimes they're distracted, careless and troubled but for sure with those simple words they can teach all of us to never take anything for granted and to be grateful for what we receive.


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