Day 8

11 January 2017


So, I've been here for one whole week now and I can say that I've probably already tried all the dishes they will be going to serve us. Don't get me wrong, I like almost everything I'm eating but the taste is not very variegated. I must admit that the kitchen is not very technological and furnished: a fire on the ground, a stool and a couple of pots (see the pic). Normally for breakfast we are served with a couple of bread slices with mayo and onions or toasted cornmeal porridge or worst case just rice with sugar, drinking a Lipton's tea bag: I haven't had a single coffe since I'm here, nor it's possible to find it anywhere around. For lunch and dinner instead we have tomato and onion sauce or Tilapia soup (it's a fish) or Okra soup (it's a vegetable that seems a sweet pepper but taste like an eggplant) served together with one of these: Fufu (pounded cassava and plantain or pounded yam and plantain), Banku (cooked fermented corn dough and cassava dough), Timba (fermented corn and cassava dough), sweet potatoes, stewed yam or rice. Let's say they almost all taste the same. Let's talk about water and drinks another time. So probably I should think that the Ghanaian cuisine hasn't many diverse dishes, but actually today I tasted by chance something new. I was taking home two kids after school and their mother invited me to enter. While I was showing them my camera and taking some pictures she came out with a dish of Kontomire, which is mashed up taro (cocoyam) leaves and spicy tomato sauce served with rice. Since I've been hungry since I'm here I couldn't decline and let me say that it was really tasty! Well, not that different but at least something new. Anyway I'm sure Ghana is still hiding some recipes from me. Enjoy your meal and please drink a coffee for me tomorrow!


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