Day 10

13 January 2017


It's Friday, so it's an easier day for the kids, but not for me, at least physically. More hours outside in the playground means more fatigue for me. In fact today for the first time the schedule was saying Physical Education! Unfortunately they were impair so in many activities I had to involve myself. Obviously today has been the hottest day since I'm here. We started with some simple activities, different running techniques and then it came the time for some games. The most successful has been One-Two-Three-Star (maybe the English name is different: one counts and when it turns everybody must stand still). When the younger kids, from 6 to 7 saw us they were so excited that there was no alternative for their teacher than to send them to play with us!!! But when all the organized activities stop it's the swing that gets all the attentions. And who they call to be pushed? Me! "Push me higher, Davide!" "Higher!!!", but when is high for real they start saying "Catch me, catch me!" And then they laugh and they immediately go back the line waiting for their next turn! They would go on forever! They could push themselves using the legs, but it's not the same. In fact, wouldn't it be better if any of us could have someone on his side able to push us higher, but also there to catch us if we risk to fall? Ps: later this afternoon I was walking along the village and I saw two different groups of kids playing at One-Two-Three-Star. You can't imagine my satisfaction and the size of my smile!


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