Day 11

14 January 2017


It's time to be a tourist. But in this area to travel means to use packed Trotro driving along terrible roads: the asphalt covers just the central part, while the rest is red dry dirt plenty of rocks, deep holes are in all the parts. Anyway I went with a fellow volunteer to Wli, from there we made a really nice walking into the jungle for one hour till we reached the waterfall. It's quite impressive because it's very high and the water falls down with such a power that it's easy to appreciate the strength of nature. The white tumultuous water contrasted perfectly with the vibrant green of the bushes. And to add some wilderness around it was plenty of big bats. I'd say the place was very touristic but friendly, not crowded and relaxing. But the real adventure started on our way back. Add what I'm going to tell you to the usual terrible roads condition. We have been waiting for a Trotro for half an hour: no one. So we stopped the first car we saw, it was a shared taxi, so far empty. Would have been perfect if it wasn't for some German girls waiting just near us. The driver decided that he could take all of us. Ok, cool, but...we were a total of SEVEN people plus him! I sat on the front seat with my friend, the five girls behind. As if this wasn't enough here some additional spices. The driver saw a woman walking along the road, with something in her hand, he slows down, he stops. He wants to buy what she's holding. Whatever if he was making wait the seven sardines. Anyway what he bought was...a gigantic rat! Obviously the woman was on the right of the car so she gave him the rat through the window almost slapping my face with it. The man was so happy for the bargain that he became super smiley. He told me the meat is really sweet and that he was going to make a delicious rat soup! In the picture you can see: proud driver, huge rat and "fancy" taxi. We say "paese che vai, usanza che trovi!".


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