Day 12

15 January 2017


There were three guys, one from Italy one from Ireland and one from Chile. They had a dream: reach the top of the small mountain near Have. The equipment was the worst, but they had a machete. In the beginning it was like a fairy tale: easy path, lots of butterflies, birds singing. But after the first 30 min the situation started to change. The bushes started to be overwhelming and the machete our only way on. Every 10 minutes of branches and bushes cutting we were saying "maybe we should go back", but the answer was always "let's see what's next!". So, one monkey, a snake, thousand of bugs and many scratches and plant spikes after we arrived almost at the top. The climbing was too steep and the bushes too wild and hostile. We were 20m from the top, but to add some disappointment the vegetation was so thick that it was impossible to see the landscape. We tried many ways but no difference, we had to go back down. So from this what could we learn? Someone could say that no matter how hard we try, things can always go south, but I'd say that even if we didn't arrived where we wanted we know we did our best and we definitely enjoyed the journey. So keep going, obstacles are everywhere anyway, do your best and you will always be proud of yourself. And also, after this effort a cold beer is way tastier!!!


Copyright © 2016 Davide Ronfini.

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