Day 13

16 January 2017


I want to spend few words about the last weekend, because it was the funerals one. Here the funerals can be celebrated just the second weekend of the month to allow people from all over the country to join them. And even though the celebration and the burial are the Christian ones, the whole funeral is not just this. It was Friday evening when they started celebrating and they went on till yesterday night. Obviously I was curious so I discreetly approached the place. Actually I just had followed the music and the voices. Because here, even if maybe someone could be sad, the funerals are parties. There were music, both played by the dj and by live performances with drums and other instruments. They also did some animal's sacrifice, they set a fire, they cook and eat together. People where wearing t-shirt with the name of the person passed away, while playing cards, talking with relatives they hadn't seen for ages. I asked them to teach me how to play this card game and I've joined some kids that where standing behind the group of people celebrating but I soon found myself clapping my hands at the rhythm of the drums and dancing with them, everybody was smiling (I didn't want to take many pictures, so I leave you with this picture of the woman that was welcoming the guest at the entrance). I told them how different our funerals are, but they couldn't understand, simply saying: "we've to celebrate, he is going to a better place!".


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