Day 14

17 January 2017


Today is a sad day for me because my beloved grandfather just passed away and I'm far from my family. But I want to post anyway some positive thoughts, using them to remember him. So far I didn't spend a lot of time around the little ones, mostly because they have their own teacher and they are still quite shy. But having seen me around already for few days is changing things. Yesterday during the break one of them simply came to me and took my hand. This simple gesture for him was a big success; he gave me a huge smile and immediately run away. Others saw him and did the same, becoming more and more courageous. Compared to them I seem to them a giant. They started hanging around me, trying to ask my name with their super basic English. No need to say that they were saying it in many different and all wrong ways. Then I had the bad idea to take one of them and raise it over my head. Had I never done it. From that moment every time they see me they start grabbing my hands and my arms saying "take me, take me!!!", everybody wants to be the next one, and I became their private carousel! I grab them under the shoulders and I lift them the highest possible. They laugh. It's so nice and rewarding when it's so easy to make them happy, no matter what my back says at the end of the day. My grandfather even over 90 has always been like these kids, always ready to laugh, make a joke and enjoy the simple and true things of life. Ciao nonno Lollo, I really hope that like they say here, you now are in a better place. I love you.


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