Day 15

18 January 2017


Today I needed some distractions to improve my mood and Margaret's birthday (the wife of the school's director and one of the teachers) has been the perfect occasion. First I planned with the kids to sing "Happy Birthday to you" all together after the lessons, then with the other two volunteers we had already decided to give her a little birthday party. So after school we went to Kpeve market to buy the ingredients to make Fufu. As I already said it's a great place. It's so colorful and lively that it's easy to get distracted. And sellers there aren't aggressive; they simply smile at you saying HI. It could seem to be a mess but there's an order in it, and we seem the only one looking for it, but it's lovely anyway to get lost. Back to Have we prepared Fufu and with the help of the woman who's hosting the other two volunteers we prepared Grass Cutter soup! We invited a couple of teachers and kids, we were 16 people. We used some wood boards and we put them onto some desks to make the table, I built a couple of lamps with candles and cutter plastic bottles. It couldn't have been more "rustic" and yet more perfect. And yes I ate grass cutter, it was really good even if when I got my portion it was quite dark and I didn't realize I was going to eat the head!!! It was the entire head, with teeth included. Immediately the kids started saying "Give it to me!!!", "I want the brain!!", "Let me eat the eyes!". Some hardcore eating!! In any case during the toast, made with a blue nonalcoholic wine, Margaret said that we made her day and that it has been the best birthday she ever celebrated. Enough to make me smile.


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