Day 16

19 January 2017


To cuddle myself yesterday at the market I bought a piece of typical tissue, colorful and with some characteristics pattern. Here they love to wear very vibrant graphic dresses and the tissues aren't expensive to buy. In my case we can call it shopping since it should become a shirt. So today, before the beginning of the school I went to the tailor of the village. Here there's a single person specialized in each profession basically. He lives in a small house with his wife and four kids. In the beginning I didn't know he was talking to me because he has a quite pronunciate problem of walleye. Hopefully it won't interfere with his job. Anyway he was very professional, he asked first what I wanted, at least four times to be sure and he took my measure with his vintage measuring tape, and just at the end of all those measurements he wrote down them, I hope they'll be right. Ah, he remembered me Snoop Dog! Other fact of the day, the swing made his first victim: a little kid was passing by and he has been hit by a girl swinging. Blood and tears. A deep wound between his eyes. I thought that I could do better than the simple water they were using to help him so I took my oxygenated water, a sterile Band-Aid and I hope it will be enough. At least he stopped crying. Tomorrow I'll clean him again and change the gauze. Apparently now I'm also the doctor/nurse of the school!


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