Day 17

20 January 2017


Today, like every week, there's the worship hour at school. Basically all the kids are grouped together in the biggest classroom of the school and they sing and repeat some prayers, with three of them leading the group. It happens that today there was also the funeral of my grandfather and sadly I couldn't be there, so at least I took this occasion to send him a thought with the help of the teachers and the kids. It has been very simple, wishing him to rest well, praying also for his beloved ones, but what has been more touching was the support of the kids. Who was able to understand after this hour came to me just to say sorry, or to wish me or him something, who wasn't, because too little, anyway gave me a smile or hold my hand for a second, guessing that there was something wrong with me. It was impossible to hide a tear. In any case I'm sure that he was looking at us, wherever we, family and friends, were praying for him, from Treviso to Have, from New York to Vancouver and smiling listening to our thoughts. Rest In Peace nonno Lollo.


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