Day 18

21 January 2017


Today another bad news hit me from Italy. Just three day after I lost my grandpa last night also my dear grandmother, from my father's side, passed away. It's Saturday and there's no school, no kids to keep me busy, so all I have is my memories. We had a special bond, we'll always have. She wasn't lucid and she couldn't talk anymore in the last period, but I remember her as a strong woman able to be really kind and tender. Luckily before leaving I went to visit her, I also took some pictures together with her. If now I think at that moment I'm kind of sure she knew it was our last meeting. I want to believe she was still able to recognize me: she gave a smile that was way deeper than what her lips were showing, she took my hand and she kissed it giving me one last moment of his grandmotherly tenderness and affection. Now I cannot hold her hand anymore, but I'm lifting mine in sky direction sure that she can still feel my love for her. Ciao nonna Lalle.


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