Day 19

22 January 2017


After I spent the morning deep into my thoughts and memories I needed some distractions. Since Margaret was late I decided to cook something similar to an Italian pasta using spaghetti made in turkey and the vegetables in the fridge. Not easy using just one single fire (actual fire), but the result has been appreciated! After lunch me and Sergio (from Chile) decided to go to visit the Monkey Sanctuary. It should have been just 40 min from Have, but we had to wait 65min just to find a TroTro going in our direction. The last part was on a taxi motorbike, driver plus us two, obviously no helmets. But it was just 10 easy min. Anyway an experience! Well, this sanctuary is simply an area of jungle near the village of Tafi Atome where these Mona monkeys live. We paid at the reception and we went with the guide into the jungle. After 35min walking still no monkeys but one snake. At that point we were back near the reception they are, just on the tree behind the building. So we took out the bananas to feed them. All the female patiently waited for the alpha male to serve himself and then they too started climbing on our arms to open and eat the bananas we were holding. Well, something unusual for sure! Easy life for them, jumping from tree to tree, waiting for tourists to feed them. I wonder if a monkey has its own thoughts and worries.


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