Day 21

24 January 2017


Today there was the funeral of my grandma and I'd want to talk about families. She was widowed quite young, when my father was 17 and yet she managed to raise two great people like my father and my aunt. Here situations of families without father are very common, but for different reasons. This morning I asked to my students to write something about their family: names, jobs, siblings. Since they're young, 8 years old, they see with a naive point of view some situations or they simply lie when they don't know what to say. Some of them see their father just sometimes during the year, others say he lives somewhere else, other simply don't have one. Many have siblings from different fathers, some were not even sure about their names. It's not uncommon at all here for girls to have their first kids very young, often when 13 years old. It's true that here people become adult much earlier compared to Europe, and often around 11 they're already working to help the parents, but such situations are the results of poverty and hope (or we could call it desperation). Girls sleep with guys for few money or they simply hope some men could give them a better life. Then they find themselves alone with a poor kid to feed. I for sure don't have a solution but I think that a better education, starting from the school, could provide a first help, making people more aware of the consequences and of the ways to, at least, avoid unwanted pregnancies.


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