Day 22

25 January 2017


Today topic is softer, I need simplicity. Let's talk about the way of carrying thing they use here, over their head. It's easy to explain, less to practice. They bend a towel, then they roll it to form a circle more or less 4cm high. They position it on the upper part of the head and on top of it they put whatever thing they've to carry. It can be anything, and they normally start to learn when they're 4 years old. But some older women manage so good this technique that they could carry incredibly big stuffs without the help of the hands or problem of balance. As I said before I tried with water a couple of time: not a good idea since it moves so it's the most difficult thing to carry. And yesterday against my will it happened again. I was walking around the town when I met Ben and Godwin, two of the three kids living in the school: they were going to fetch water but the well was closed, so I went with them to this pond into the jungle. Easy to arrive, less to leave. I don't know how I found myself carrying a big metal bowl filled with more or less 20 liter of brown water. The 15 minutes I needed to go back never felt so long. My untrained neck is still hurting, but I can proudly say that all the water reached the school. Now I think I've to strengthen my neck and to clean the posture, then I'll manage this technique. Well, maybe. Of course doing it without hands is the final level, too much for me!


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