Day 23

26 January 2017


The association I work with own the school in Have but is renting another one in Dzemeni, on the lake Volta side (big as the whole Puglia region). Actually it's hard to call it school and it has just one class plus three bigger kids. But let's talk tomorrow about it. Today after the lessons in Have I went there, I'll stay till tomorrow. Not easy to describe this place: the lake should bring water and money but actually is much poorer than Have. Who spend money here are merchants from Accra who come to buy products different from the local ones that come mostly on market days from the other side of the lake. So basically the life rotate around the market and the lake, and even if it could be a great place for tourists there's NOTHING in this sense. The town is made by barracks and people here are even less than usual used to white guys, they were just seeing some Chinese working for a construction company near there. So everyone here stares at me and often they pretend to say something in Chinese (like Chin chun chan) thinking I'm one of them just because I'm white. What brings a little bit of good cheer are the boat, very colorful and picturesque. The sunset reflecting on the lake is very charming and is nice to look at the silhouettes of the girl fetching water while the red circle say goodbye with a slow dive. But what covers everything with its shadow is the story of many kids here. A story I'm going to tell you tomorrow.


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