Day 24

27 January 2017


As I told you, the foundation I work with is local and small, the school I'm in, property of Alfred and his father (they are the foundation), and the one in Dzemeni (rented). If in Have the problem of many kids is to have no father here is to have no parents. Most of them have escaped slavery, working crazy hour for fishermen or other merchants. They often come from the other side of the lake. But here their destiny is not that better. They're alone and they basically have to find small jobs at the market for some food or little money to buy it and the possibility to sleep under the market stands. This school offers an alternative at the street at least during the day, even if it's not easy to make them attend since it must be their own choice having no parents, and anyway many of them don't go during market days. Unfortunately yesterday I discovered that the association hasn’t the money to pay the rent of the school for this year and being behind already of one month with the payment the owner wanted to close it starting from Monday. I decided, with the help of the donations of some of you, to pay the rent until June so they could at least finish the year. It's not a lot of money at all but I felt anyway powerless, because I know it won't change their future and maybe for them is better not to look ahead. Hard to look with optimism at certain situations.


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