Day 25

28 January 2017


The day started in an unexpected way. I promised to some kids to take them to the football field to play together and we agreed to meet at 5pm. Well, at 9am they were all in front of my door asking me if it was 5 o'clock, anyway ready to play. Ok, they don't have watches but this is too much. Whatever, let's go play! Having to change my "schedule", in the afternoon I decided to go for a walk like almost every day. This is quite an experience by itself all the time, especially if I have my camera with me. Almost everybody say Hi when they meet you along the streets and when it’s me and they say it in Ewe and I answer properly they smile super happily or even laugh. Some people even come out of their houses to say Hello to me, while the kids scream my name (or something similar, like Davida, Devide, Devida or Devidet), not matter if I know them or not, they know me. Who doesn't know my name o who is to little just say out loud "Yevu", that means White man, moving their little hands as greeting and smiling at me. And when I say Hi back they are so proud and festive of their achievement. While when they're near to me they run in my direction, generally to ask me How am I, or my name, or to catch them, or just to hold my hand for one sec. And if they see me holding my camera they all start saying "Picture me, picture me", and I've just one shot because as soon as they hear the click they immediately run at me, grabbing my hand, climbing over my legs just to see this magical picture. The past days I also taught to every kid I met to gimme five: now I come back home with a red hand. In the end I don't walk a lot, I just hold hands, lift kids, say hi, talk with random people, give and receive smiles but I cannot think at a better way to pump up the mood!


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