Day 26

29 January 2017


It's my last Sunday in Have so I've spent it with the kids and going to meet some of the people of the village I've become friend with, but I've also had time to walk into some thoughts. Next week I'll be teaching till Wednesday and then I'll leave the school. This means that my classroom will have no more a teacher, at least until another volunteer will come or they'll have the money to hire one. Because even having a different volunteer every month or more to teach them it's not the real guy way to make them learn. All the time a new method, all the time a step back. In the school here in Have there're five classroom and three stable teachers. I've been teaching the third one, while the fifth one right now is teacher-less, just with me spending some moments when I could to give them some exercises to do. Today the kids asked me: "Why you've to leave? Why the volunteers always leave? Why can't you stay?". I was really sad, they see many people coming and all of them going. I've to say goodbye just once, they every month. I really hope that, maybe with some help, it would be possible soon for the school to hire at least another teacher, otherwise I don't know what kind of education will wait for them: maybe the kids will be forced to teach themselves.


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