Day 27

30 January 2017


Yesterday during dinner I heard some music coming from near here, so I went to discover the source. After a not too long walk I found this group of guys: they're part of a drum band and they were practicing. They were really good and involving, so when they finished I asked them something about the group and the drums. They told they're getting ready for the big music festival that there will be here in June and they also gimme a short drums lesson. Inspired by this today during the art hour I told the kids to go out in the playground and to find or create some instruments. They started looking for sticks, buckets, bowls, boxes, ropes, elastics... and then they started improvising. After a moment of set up, the rhythm started to be really good, involving and spontaneous. And who was without instrument was simply clapping the hands, jumping and dancing. It has been impossible not be carried by the frenzy of the moment, getting caught by that mix of sounds, voices, laughs and colors. The others classrooms joined us, everybody was participating: I could swear I thought I saw even the goats dancing with us.


Copyright © 2016 Davide Ronfini.

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