Day 28

31 January 2017


Let me talk about the people here. The picture I've chosen doesn't want to be in any way offensive. This woman doesn't represent the classical beauty but she's awesome. I was simply walking in the market and she saw me taking pictures, she called me and asked me to portrait her. When I showed her the result she was really happy. I stayed to talk a little bit as I always try to do. I chose her because she's representative of many people here. Simple, available, smiley. It happened to me many times that people stopped me to ask for a picture and then we started talking. Everybody is proud of what he does, and happy to show me a small part of his life. A couple of weeks ago I was walking and I asked a young guy the way for a path I've been suggested to do. He not only told me the way, but came with me. We talked about everything, I made him a lot of question, and in the end he showed me also his small laboratory where he makes Kente, a typical fabric. After that day I just crossed him once till today. He told me he wanted to give me a small piece of fabric as a present before I leave, and so he did. That simple gesture has been really touching. It's just one example among many: a lot of people shared with me a small part of their life, showing me their farm, telling me about food, tradition, families, letting me in, around, with.. Since I'm here I've been feeling like I am in a big family, and what I'll remember the most will be the smiles I received. No matter if toothless, old or what else, they're perfect the way they are.


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