Day 29

01 February 2017


Today is my last day at the school as a teacher, tomorrow morning I'll leave to visit around Ghana a little bit. I'm plenty of thoughts and the main one is about what I did here and what has this experience meant to me. I feel like what I received is way more than what I gave, especially because I'm not sure I'll change a lot these kids future. But now I want to talk about them. Tomorrow they will be without teacher, even though I'm still trying to collect enough money to hire one soon. In any case today I made them write what they will want to do once adults. Of course they cannot know right now, but when I read that some of them dream to be doctors, plane pilots, bank managers, ... I felt sad, like something was telling me they're now in a sort of prison from which it will be very difficult to escape, and this prison could force them to give up on their dreams leaving them without even know the many different kind of jobs and opportunities the world could offer. I'm trying to find a way to give them and the school a long term help, hoping that it could bring the keys to open the jail, and give them the possibility to decide their own future. We often complain about our lives: if they're not like they should, do all you can to change them, because the opportunities we have are not even comparable to theirs. If you feel like in jail look for and find the keys to escape. They're for sure less hidden than the ones they'd need.


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