Day 30

02 February 2017


Now I'm Accra, I've been visiting the city this afternoon but my thoughts are still for this morning when I've had to say goodbye to Have, the friends I made and especially the kids. I hope you don't mind if today I'll talk about me and what this experience has meant. No need to say that this morning has been really touching. I went in all the classroom to say bye, receiving many hugs, and sad faces. I left for last my classroom. They knew the moment was coming so when I entered they all went at the door to prevent me to go out start saying "Sir don't go!", "I will miss you!", "Bring your family here!", "Stay till you're grandpa!". I started to say bye to them one by one and seeing that almost all of them were crying it has been impossible to keep my eyes dry. It has been really hard to go and during the road to Accra I've had time to think. I'm sure I did my best here but also that I received more than what I gave. The countless smiles, the kind availability, the warm welcomes. I felt at home for one month. I've been living like them and I never felt poor. I've been "Yevu" while raising one hand was enough to make a kid happy. If you don't learn here how much are important the small and simple things that reside all around us, you'll never learn it. From now on I'll just have to close my eyes to see their little hands and receive some of that positive attitude. Everybody please, today, think about something that makes you smile and be grateful.


Copyright © 2016 Davide Ronfini.

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