Day 31

03 February 2017


As I told you I'm in Accra now, the capital city, and yesterday walk in the center has been quite traumatic. Coming from the quiet and simple life of Have here I've been overwhelmed by the sounds, music, shouting, noises, traffic, mess of the big city. The rhythm and the pace are so different that I wasn't prepared for such a change, so today I decided to go to the beach to breathe some fresh air. The place is called Kokrobite beach and it's just outside the center. The small town is a colorful spot on the clear sand. The vibrant and picturesque fishing boats complete the picture (see my cover image for reference). I went there with my Chilean friend and on our way he decided to buy a small guitar. You can already imagine what happened: two white guys with a guitar and a camera. We were for the kids like honey for bees. Five minutes and we were surrounded. Whatever, let's enjoy the moment. Also because after this it has been even more pleasant to dive into the warm and wavy water of the ocean. Well, in the end I've had my relax anyway, it simply seems that kids are the file rouge of this trip. Now the long bus journey till Tamale is waiting for me!


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