Day 32

04 February 2017


So after 20 min of Uber, two hours of delay of the bus departure and 13 of trip, 15 min by taxi, 2 hours of Trotro running and one at the police barrier being checked, and 20 min by motorbike we finally entered today at 2 pm the Male National Park leaving the hostel at 4.30 pm of yesterday. Thinking that now was the time to be lucky we take the suggestion of the guy at the desk and we left immediately for the safari, just to hear the Ranger (our guide) saying: "let's hope because this are the worst hours to see animals!". I rolled my eyes to the sky and crossed my fingers. Apparently something went right because gazelles and antelopes starting to show up, even crossing the road in front of us. We saw grey monkeys and a big group of baboons reaching their alpha male. Many colorful birds and a couple of big crocodiles. A family of wild boars and a huge green python moving out from his home. We didn't get to see lions, very difficult here during the day but we saw the real king of this part of the savana: the majestic elephant. We all saw them in the zoo, together with other animals, but it's not the same as getting them in their environment, walking freely where they were born and raised, with no one feeding them. Preys and predators together. We got into a group of males: during the year male and female live separately, sons with fathers, daughters with mothers. They just meet during the rainy season for three months of fun. These males were near a pond, or small lake, washing themselves and making some noises. The ranger told us they were communicating, probably deciding if to go into the water or under the shadow. They were moving slowly as each of their decision take a lot of time to be pondered. Amazed by the show of the nature I started wonder if we should be like the elephants or just follow the heart in our choices, without thinking too much.


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