Day 33

05 February 2017


In the last three day I've spent 40 hours in buses, cars and motorbikes so let's talk about roads and trips. But first a fact of the day. This morning we were walking in Larabanga "center", to visit the oldest mosque of Ghana. When we arrived there two guys immediately asked us for money to see it. And since we had already LOOKED at it we must pay! Unfortunately we got short of money after the park. So with the few Cedis left we took a taxi to the next town because there there's a bank. Obviously the ATM was out of service. Not good, without money and two hour of trotro away from our bus to Accra. Fortunately I found 5$ in my wallet and told the guy they were more than the ticket's price. He accepted but soon he came back saying that wasn't possible to change them (no idea where he went, the bank was closed). He was almost kicking us out of the trotro when I saw the right guy. I gave him the dollars for much less Cedis of their value but enough to pay the Trotro. I know, it could have ended differently but I think that part of a certain way of travel is the unexpected side. What I'd want to suggest is: don't plan everything, leave some space to the unknown, talk to people, be curious. People are often open to tell you their story and to be of help, don't be shy. You'll learn much more about the places you're visiting from the locals than from google or tourist guides. Here roads are better than the dusty and full of holes of Volta Region but still bad. The bus takes 12 hours to make 650km, but don't worry. Behind the dust there's always something that deserve to be seen, and known, something to lean and to discover. Let's travel.


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