Day 34

06 February 2017


I'm in the airport now, ready (I guess) to leave. It has been a great experience to me and as one of you wished me before to leave, I'm coming back richer than how I was when I left. I learnt many things about this people and this country and I also learnt something new about myself. But I want to use this last post to thank you all. During these days I received a lot of support and friendship from many of you. It made me happy to know that many of you were reading my post. I've been able to feel you and I hope you enjoyed this simple diary. I would like to think that I made you able to travel a little bit with me. I now can only suggest everyone to have such an experience because it can change a lot of point of views. And please keep your "iner child" alive every day, appreciating small things and giving smiles even to strangers. Thank you again for joining me in this adventure and hopefully I'll be back soon with new ones. If any of you would like to know more just give me a call. A big hug to all of you.


Copyright © 2016 Davide Ronfini.

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